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26 February 2024

What is logistics software and what uses does it have?

As the name implies, logistics software is a programme or digital solution that makes the entire supply chain process easier to manage and more efficient. This goes beyond the mere distribution of parcels associated with logistics activities since it implies control and traceability of the packages that go from the producer itself to the final customer, going through the different transportation and distribution that is carried out, as well as the storage and inventory process.

The uses it has are as broad as the needs that a specific company or logistics department may have. Broadly speaking, it allows the control and management of most actions related to logistics processes, which in addition to improving the effectiveness of said processes, also provides information on the traceability and status of the product throughout the entire process. of its logistics.

Here are Best logistics management software that exist on the market, highlighting their main functionalities.

Warehouse management software

Adequately manage all your warehouse processes precisely and with a record of each entry, placement and exit of goods. With this type of software, you simplify all your processes and control from end to end all the operations of your warehouse, from the reception of products in your CEDIS, until their departure.

You also ensure order fulfilment, increase the productivity of your warehouse and obtain greater visibility of your inventory in real-time. 

Warehouse management software controls operations such as dock appointments, receipt of boxes, parts or pallets, order planning, preparation ( picking ), shipping and packstation.

Voice Picking 

With voice-picking software and hardware, you free your operators' hands and eyes through voice-directed workflows that will help them stock and pack more safely, accurately and efficiently. Your operators are equipped with a headset where they receive precise instructions to perform specific tasks until completing the assortments more quickly and promptly.

With this technology you can work with different types of assortment, facilitating replenishment, distribution, storage and inventory counting. It is an essential technology for operations in frozen environments and adapts to growth operations processes.

Order preparation software

When the operation does not justify the investment in a WMS, it is necessary to control fundamental processes such as picking an order preparation system that will allow you to enable digital order dispatch, reduce times and generate more efficient routes through your CEDIS. 

With software, you can achieve faster pallet assembly and make better use of space within the transport. You also execute receipt, fulfilment and arrangement tasks with high precision if you combine it with the use of mobile devices. 

You will be able to increase productivity, reduce assortment errors, have greater traceability, and impeccable service.

Transportation management software

Technology in transportation management helps you in the administration, synchronization and monitoring of each process, from planning to the settlement of each trip. This way you can ensure an efficient and accurate flow of all information while obtaining complete traceability of the status of each order, shipment and delivery.

The Best logistics management software manages your orders, plans all your shipments efficiently, assigns the most appropriate carrier for each trip, generates all the documents to manage shipments, visualizes and measures the performance of each delivery and manages the cost of your shipments. 

Routing software

Automate the planning of your delivery routes and enable the monitoring of your operations via GPS in real-time. 

With this software, you can generate dynamic delivery plans while saving time and money on each trip. It also helps you optimize the best sequence of stops, taking into account your objectives. Perform more efficient and consistent route planning every day, monitor deviations against the delivery plan, and notify your customers of any updates to delivery times. 

Delivery management software

Delivery management software helps you provide personalized delivery experiences to your customers, improves your operations and increases the visibility of all delivery processes such as multimodal, first and last mile. 

This type of technology can automate orders, dispatches, planning, routing, chatbot for customer service, tracking, alerts and notifications, and indicator dashboards.

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