Cargo & Logistics Software.

We offer intuitive software that can assist organizations in streamlining logistic operations swiftly and smoothly.

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Best Cargo & Logistics Management Software

Our team work out of the box to certify that we can provide efficient services and that too on time. if you aim for avail free Cargo & Logistics Software Demo. Let us know if you want an estimate on Logistic Software Price.

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Striking features of cargo & logistics management software?

Our techonology can be a huge benefit to your organization. Highly skilled and rich featured solutions help you in converting your business in to a brands.

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We Offering Best Cargo & Logistics Management Software Solutions

Our excellent cargo & logistics management system can diligently organize all day-to-day activities including account management, hub rates, company information, real-time tracking, etc.


Transotrade can properly streamline all your cargo and shipment-related business operations. Our smart software encompasses a lot of modules that are integrated on one platform and works as a complete package.

  • 1.Booking and e-Doc Print.
  • 2.Incoming Manifest.
  • 3.Outgoing Manifest.
  • 4.Delivery Runsheet.
  • 5.Tracking.
  • 6.POD Entry for Delivery.
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Customer Billing

Transotrade is amongst the topmost Cargo & Logistics Management Software Companies in India. We offer an advanced bill generation system wherein automated bills can be generated as per the requirements. It includes billing according to month/ year, invoice number/AWB number, customer-wise invoice, and data-wise invoice generation.

  • 1.Customer Wise Billing.
  • 2.Transhipment Billing.
  • 3.Multiple Locations Billing: Generate At Location.
  • 4.Invoice List.
  • 5.Unbilled Report.
  • 6.Slab Wise And Per Kg Auto Rates.
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Live Track Customer Portal

With Transotrade software, it becomes easy to meet the service's goals in a prompt manner. With the live tracking portal, customers can easily track their consignments.

  • 1.Live Shipment Tracking.
  • 2.Mis Report In Customer Portal.
  • 3.Invoice List.
  • 4.POD Show And Download.
  • 5.Pickup Request.
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Cloud Based Application

We are specialized in developing the cloud-based logistics software application. The data will be securely stored in the cloud.

  • 1.Centralized Data Base.
  • 2.Multiple Branch Login.
  • 3.Fastest Data Scanning.
  • 4.100 % Data Security.
  • 5.Live Tracking.
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Mobile App

We at Transotrade make sure that you get outstanding solutions for your business that can survivein the cut-throat market competition. The efficient mobile application lets you manage the consignments and customer entries along with their tracking status via smartphones. With the mobile application, your business will get an immense technical boost.

  • 1.Booking With Mobile App.
  • 2.Tracking Consignments.
  • 3.Delivery Entry.
  • 4.POD Upload.
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Customized Solutions

The Transotrade logistic and cargo software can be customized easily according to your business needs. The workflow model is highly flexible and can be changed and integrated seamlessly as per your business requirements. Our customization features can easily cater to all your shipping-based needs.

  • 1.Complete Customization.
  • 2.Customized Reports.
  • 3.Meeting Your Requirements.
  • 4.Customized Forms.
  • 5.Customized Dashboard.
  • 6.The System As Per Your Needs.
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User-Friendly Customer Portal

The customers will find the system completely simple and easy to use. After login into the portal, they can easily access the inbuilt features like checking invoices, tracking shipments and sending inquiries, etc. They can access profile settings, set up to and from locations, and pick up dates easily.

  • 1.Intuitive Appearance.
  • 2.Simple Layout.
  • 3.Enterprise Software.
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Email and SMS Alerts To Customers

Your customer will get quick notifications through the automatic SMS and Email generator whenever the bookings are made, the orders are dispatched, showing any movement, and whenever the delivery is completed.

  • 1.Email.
  • 2.SMS.
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We are amongst the top most cargo Á Logistics software provider companies in India taking the responsibility of making your business nothing but a big success.

  • 1.The customer service is promptly improved as they will be able to track their parcel in real-time.
  • 2.The operating costs will be significantly reduced as clients will be directly tracking the consignments on the portal.
  • 3.Reduces expense cost, billing and administration costs by e-mailing invoices and statements to clients..
  • 3.Communication will be done efficiently between you and the customers thus enabling better information sharing.
  • 3.The delivery timelines can be improved by tracking the logistics routes in advance.
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Support and Maintenance

We aim to offer unprecedented maintenance support to all our clients to enhance the performance and add value to let the business work seamlessly with no breakouts.

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Our Cargo & Logistics Management Software

Join cargo and logistics company growing with Transotrade


Live Tracking Customer Portal

The features enriched logistic interface will help customers see their parcel in real-time. They can easily track the current location along with images and pickup requests etc.


Mobile App

At Transotrade, we understand the market demand and ensure that you will get the best mobile app solutions. With a mobile-based barcode scanning feature, you can quickly track your parcel and make quick bookings and view generate automated invoices.


Cloud-Based Application

With our cloud-based cargo and logistics management solution, the booking operations can be simplified along with real-time tracking of goods and monitoring them 24/7. The centralized storage of data will give quick access to information and promote efficient data synchronization.

Why Choose Us

We have been in this industry for many years and have gained significant experience to mold our process in a better way.

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Streamline Operations

Reduce operational expenses and increase efficiency throughout a robust and scalable delivery platform.

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Customer Centric

Enable customer-centric, holistic services based on transparency and accessibility to increase engagement and loyalty.

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Improved Bottom Line

Clear ROI – maximize your resources, lower your costs and improve your profitability.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate our technology with your existing systems to build a comprehensive end-to-end process.

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Providing the technology to build a flexible delivery infrastructure, utilizing existing assets and connecting with 3rd party logistics providers to create an accessible network.

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Build the Brand that makes you stand out from the rest, create a personalized real-time experience for your customers.

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