What can I do with Transotrade?

Our techonology can be a huge benefit to your organization. Highly skilled and rich featured solutions help you in converting your business in to a brands.

Easy to Start


Full-Fledged Solutions

Being the trusted logistics software company in India, we always provide all the logistics business solutions for the business.


Complete Access to your Service

The entire logistic cycle is streamlined in such a manner that you will have complete control over the ongoing delivery, booking and invoicing process.


Real time shipment with your customers

You can provide your clients the access to real-time information about shipments thus reducing the number of calls and offering first call resolution.


A Unified Dashboard

The attractive dashboard is easily accessible by users and they can see all the order details including invoice details, tracking shipment status, and take a glance at vital statistics.


Track Your Shipments

Our mobile app provide barcode scanning features, you will be able to track the shipment in real-time. You will get all updates about the current location of the consignment.



The delivery City will be defined in the software and the price will be calculated according to the city and services offered there.


Monitor Your Resources

You can assess the field assets including the dockets logs, technical specifications, complete service history.


Eliminate the paperwork

Reduce the margin for error and save time by digitizing your operations, with electronic forms for data entry. you can access your data from any device.


In-Built Human Resource Database

With the in-built database system, all the employees, service vendors, and drivers' details can be traced


Analyze Spending

You can keep complete track of the sales and business performance via sales and business statistics. The expenditure trends will help analyze vendor performance and efficiency of vehicles.


Electronic Proof of Delivery

The electronic address and delivery proof can be sent, and digital signatures can be taken along with the images of the shipment.


Go Paperless

This is a cost-effective solution where you can eliminate all the paper processing costs and get the updates in real-time. all reports can be sent digitally.


Smart Customer Service Support

With real-time access to the consignment details, the call center volume will be effectively reduced and there will be quick support for all the users.


Delivery Zones

Define delivery zones and set their pricing for each city to provide logistics services as per your business requirements.


Optimising Operations

By properly monitoring the vendors and analyzing the quality, the efficiency can be enhanced along with profits and inventory costs.


Improved Logistic Services

With the best logistic management software by Transotrade, you can provide amazing delivery services for all customers.


Real-time Alerts

Get the alerts in real-time with the automated reporting and be aware of what’s going on

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